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This past weekend I finally had a few days off, which hasn't happened yet this summer. I was pretty stinkin' excited, and didn't want to spend it sitting around my house, or fall into that dark, anti-social void known as Netflix.
So my friend fabulous Kayleigh and I put our heads together, and decided Salem would be a great place to venture, and get geared up for the upcoming Halloween season (as haunt actors, we figured this would constitute as a business trip).
So we hopped in her car, and headed off to Massachusetts to let all our teenage goth dreams come true.

We were first greeted by my old buddy, Samantha. 
We went and checked out some historical sites
Seriously, she is the prettiest.
We explored around the old cemetery right in town for a bit. Some of the stones were so old and worn that you couldn't even read them. It was great to see how well the place has been preserved over the years.

And then the silliness started...

And then, after a lot of caffeine induced excitement, and not enough sleep between the two of us, we decided wouldn't it be fun to do a campy, super touristy photoshoot?
 Good life choices. All around...
"Look there, in the distance! I think I see our dignity..." 
"How you doin'?" 

Photographer: Okay now cackle
Me: *Does impression of Orc from Lord of the Rings*

What was supposed to just be "a quick shoot" lasted for almost an hour, and 145 images later, we walked out with a digital copy of every single one of them. Some of which pictures will hopefully never see the light of day (I learned this week that I don't always have the best control of my face).

After all the silliness was said and done, and the day was winding down, we wound up at a beautiful art instillation created by Patrick Dougherty, which was larger than life, and just as impressive.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful adventure. Going to try to get back down there in a month or so, once Halloween gets a little closer (I hear it is absolutely over the top in Salem during the Halloween season!)

Thanks for putting up with the pic heavy post, everyone!
Until next time,

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