Oh Mother Nature, why do you do this to me?

This year, I promised myself that I would spend every spare moment outside, enjoying the weather, and being one with nature. I imagined myself turning into a pink haired, woodland fairy of sorts. 
Unfortunately for me, I seemed to have forgotten one little thing about myself... 
Hello, my name is Tranifer, and I have horrible seasonal allergies. 
Which should really just be called "allergies", because they effect me during every season. Whether it be mold, ragweed, or pollen, Maine has loads to spare! 
I've done my homework, and the internet keeps telling me that I need to take allergy meds, and avoid going outside during high pollen times. However, late morning and early evening are my favorite times to be out and about, and I can't even get myself to take baby Asprin most of the time. So, I have officially accepted my fate. You can't bring me down, Mother Nature! You can make my eyes, and nose, and throat itch and burn, but I refuse to hide inside and accept my defeat. 

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