Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Luna Chick

Tell me a little about yourself

My name is Abbi.  I’m 31 and a sorta’ nerd.  I hail from the glorious New River Valley in Southwest VA, where the weather is random everyone basically knows everyone.  I enjoy various crafty things, am a tattoo/piercing enthusiast, love dyeing my hair unnatural colors, and spend WAY too much of my time playing World of Warcraft (plate classes ftw!).  Sushi is what I could (and would) eat every single day and a Thai iced tea drip would be fabulous.  Two tabby cats are my daily companions.  Kiki (Codename “Booboo”) and Loki (Codename “Buddy”) are both rescue kitties turned spoiled house minions, and they help keep me amused and sane when I’m prepared to throw pliers across the room.  

And What is it that you make? 

For over 10 years, jewelry has been my thing.  For about 10 of those years, my specialty has been chainmaille jewelry designs, mostly in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.   Several years ago, I began stretching my ears.  Now at a modest 00g, I have expanded my offerings to include rad chainmaille dangle plugs for others with stretched ears.  I enjoy designing things with creepy-cute themes, and many pairs of my plugs can be found with combined elements like meat cleaver charms and roses.  I like to keep things nice and kooky in my neck of the woods.  

Which of your items can you relate to the most? 

Any of the chainmaille pieces, really, as well as the really bright and colorful pieces.  Um...I guess all of it? I have a personal connection to everything I make, and I tend to make things I myself would rock.  There is one particular piece that I refer to as “Val’kyr” (yes, like the WoW NPCs), which is this huge stainless steel beast of a chainmaille necklace.  I feel like I’ll end up stealing it from myself and keeping it to wear. 

What would you like to see this year bring for your art business? 

I would love to have more people discover my world of wares.  I have been fortunate to sell to people all over the globe and it’s awesome to me when someone halfway around the world decides to take interest and support my work.  I’m planning on expanding my collection of plugs to include more sizes and styles this year, and also looking forward to meeting new folks at some local craft shows.

And lastly, If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be?

Japanese Tengu.  I have a thing with crows and ravens, so it seems fitting.

Any links you would like promoted?

My Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/Lunachick

My Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/bittersweetemporium

Twitter: twitter.com/cuteandmacabre  

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