Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Kae Q

GUYS! Today is a fantastic day, it's sunny, warm (like a whole 36 degrees out!) and best of all, I got my order from Kae Q in the mail! Which is convenient, as she was who I interviewed this week for Creature Feature.

Tell me a little about yourself

Alright! My name is Nicole, I'm 22 and I was born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida. I have two beautiful silvery grey cats — Little Girl & Graycie — and one rambunctious dog named Whiskey. I spend more time with them than I do with human people! During my free time, I tend my garden and catch up on TV shows. I'm actually really boring most of the time.

And what is it that you do? 

I own Kae Q, and I make lipstick and other cosmetics using local, natural ingredients - sometimes even from my own back yard! There are two main components to my products: coconut oil and beeswax. I buy the beeswax from beekeepers here in south Florida. But the coconut oil is processed from scratch! We buy mature coconuts from local farms, crack them open, dry them out, and extract all that awesome oil! Then we add some dyes, iron oxides, micas, and other pigments to create a variety of different colors.

Which of your items can you relate to the most? 

My Passionflower color is my favorite. It's a gorgeous lilac purple — quiet, but shocking.
(Don't mind me, just a shameless selfie showing off the Passionflower I got today, IT'S AMAZING!!!)

What would you like to see this year bring for your business? 

My goal is to continue expanding. Hire more people, become more efficient, maybe even get some funding! Making cosmetics from scratch is expensive and requires a lot of machinery that I can't afford right now. We've been making due with doing everything by hand, but it's time consuming. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some machines to do most of that work for us!

If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be? 

A tiny fairy that lives inside of flowers!

Be sure to check out Nicole's website:

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