Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Baroque Cosmetics

Guys, oh my goodness! Have you been outside at all this week? Because it is b-e-a-utiful out there! The sun is out, the clocks are rolled back, and all of the sudden, I've become a morning person.
...what? Stranger things have happened! (maybe)
And today for Wonky Creature Feature I am interviewing the super adorable Andi of Baroque Cosmetics!

First off, tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Andi! I live in Richmond, Va with my husband, and three kitties~ I have an undying love for pretzels, makeup and video games and thankfully Baroque let's me combine the latter two (sadly pretzels and makeup just don't work well together).

And what is it that you do?
I run Baroque Cosmetics, a handmade cosmetic company! Right now I carry loose eyeshadow, blush and pressed palettes but there are a few things in the pipeline that should be coming out later this year~ Every collection is inspiried by something I love, from history to my favorite movies and video games.

Which of your items can you relate to the most?
Aha this is hard because I mostly make colors but if I have to choose a shade, I suppose Sun King. It was the first color I made in the first collection I launched. Designed after the way the French Blue (which believe it or not was recut into the Hope Diamond) is thought to have sat in the royal scepter of King Louis XIV. This single color combined two important parts of my life into one; History, both a personal passion as well as what I went to college for and Jewelry, as I was working as a jeweler when I started Baroque and I've always been interested in jewelry since I was young. A close runner up would probably be Hikari from the Friends in my Heart collection. It was inspired by Kingdom Hearts, my favorite game franchise ever. The first two games got me through some of the hardest times in my life and I did my very best to pay homage to the series with that collection

What would you like to see this year bring for your business?
I'd like to continue to see growth as well as finally nail some of the harder formulas I'm working on! I have a lot of super exciting releases planned and I'm so terribly excited to share them with everyone! I'm launching my own site super soon but I've been working on it since the new year with my tech team and I have to say, we did a super great job.

And last, if you could be any mythological creature, what would you be? 
A mermaid~ I love the ocean and water in general so it seems only natural my mythical self would live in the sea!

Any links you would like promoted?
Store (Soon to be BaroqueCosmetics.com)