Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Adam Barbee

Truth be told, this week has been pretty crumby. Between being sick, laptop breaking, and loads odf stress, my head might explode.
But on the plus side, the sun is shining, it's above freezing today, and I was lucky enough to land an interview it's super duper talented toy designer, Adam Barbee!

First off, tell me a little about yourself.

Adam Barbee, Tempe AZ, my hobbies include video games, all the movies ever, car(more specifically classic Volkswagens) books, mostly classic horror, scifi and fantasy. H.P. Lovecraft is a huge inspiration of mine. Recently I started hiking a lot which I love. Favorite food would be BBQ RIBS *om nom nom* No pets at the moment but I'm actually about to adopt a new pitbull rescue the next month so expect to see lots of pictures soon. 

What is it that you make? 

started using clay about 2 and a half years ago after learning glass blowing and and after about a year I moved on to clay with vinyl figures which slowly developed into the sculptures I make now. My biggest inspiration for my figures would have to be my favorite comics (Spawn, The Maxx, Hellboy, BPRD etc) and well as my favorite characters and creatures from the books I grew up reading.

What would you like to see happen to your business this year?

This year I'm working on creating resin casts of some of my figures so I can start getting more of them out there to a wider audience. With that I'm hoping to get my website for my art up this summer.

If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be?

I could be a mythological creature id have to opt for one from a comic and say Hellboy. A demon who knows he's a monster in society's eyes and still uses all of his powers to save us from the real monsters out there? To me, it doesn't get any better than that. 

Any links you'd like to share? 

right now my art is up on my ABOMB_ART Instagram page as well as my own Facebook page

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