Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Sakabutsu

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hope you are all warm, happy, and well. 
I've given in about being such a grump about the snow and cold (even though winter evil, and somehow simultaneously dangerous and boring). So, I agreed to attempt skiing for the first time in thirteen years first thing tomorrow morning. If all goes well, my fingers will hopefully be thawed out enough in time for me to post my next Creature Feature.
And if you didn't already know, I collect vinyl art toys and figurines. I think they are so cute and weird, my collection keeps growing, as does my love for them. Which is why I was so so excited to interview Sasha, owner of Sakabutsu!

First off, tell me a little about yourself.
Hello, My name is Sasha and I Live in the lovely little city of salt lake, Its starting to warm up here and its beautiful every season but winter. My current hobby is work haha :'D and I have the most wonderful dog in the world, Bebe who I love to death.

And what is it that you make? 

I make Little Figurines and anything that is 3D. I have always adored Toys and plushes so whenever I had to buy a 'practical' Item I would buy things that would double as figurines such as, paper weights, jewelry and lotion containers, all which are shaped like various animals, or if 2D they were covered in cute animals. I have started expanding more of my items with this in mind and I am now working not only on new figurines but key chains, jewelry and Vases as well.

Which of your pieces do you relate to the most?

Hmmm I couldn't really say but If I had to choose it would be my bull terrier for a couple reasons. I designed that dog years ago and because a professor of mine saw it in my profile picture and really liked it, it opened up an interesting door for me, It was also the first thing I made into a toy so it will always have a special place in my heart.
True story: I bought one of these as a gift for someone, and ended up loving it so much I kept it for myself (oops!) 

What would you like to see happen to your business this year?

A lot of things, First I want to design a lot more items, but that's easier said than done haha. designing is the fun part, turning the design into a physical object takes a lot of time unfortunately. I also plan on being more bold with my designs and color, now that I have learned so much more about the process of toy making. lastly I would also love to get packaging for my items and sell them in stores.

And lastly, if you could be any mythological creature, what would you be?

If I could be a mythological creature I would be anything, absolutely anything as long as I had awesome god like magical powers. I could make toys with the swish of my hand, I could fill the earth and planets with beautiful creatures and plants, and travel the universe! That would be fantastic~

Any links you would like to share?
You can view my website at sakabutsu.com , my etsy is www.etsy.com/shop/sakabutsu and if you want to see new figurines, WIP, doodles and such you can visit my tumblr and instagram atsakabutsu.tumblr.com and instagram.com/sakabutsu/