Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Chris DiBari

Hello everyone!
Did all of you on the East Coast survive this past week? My goodness, so much snow!

This week on Wonky Creature Feature, I was fortunate enough to interview someone that not only is one of my favorite artist (seriously, trying not to fangirl here), but also someone I am proud to call a friend. 
Chris and I met a few years ago at Port City Comicon and instantly hit it off. I mean, I make monsters, he draws monsters. How could we not get along? 

First off, tell me a little about yourself

My name is Christian DiBari and i was born in 1976, in Hyde Park, MA and from the age of 2 i've always drawn. My father was an artist so i guess i got it from him. I think when i hit the age of 5, i saw my first comic and fell in love with it- it was a Batman/Superman flip book. So, from an early age, comics, video games, movies and cartoons were always my favorite things. First movie i ever saw in the theaters was Empire Strikes Back, that really blew my mind- their was nothing like it- it really set the bar for anything else, so even at a young age i was picky with movies. I HATED the Masters of the Universe movie- and loved flicks like Back to the Future. It wasn't until i was about 10, when i saw my first horror movie- and that changed everything, it was Friday the 13th and it scared the living shit out of me! but i needed more, i snuck out front to the living room almost every night to put on HBO or whatever and see if their was more- and thus the gates of hell opened.

And what is it that you do?

I am a freelance comic book artist, i have done books for many publishers- DC,Vertigo, Boom! studios, Image comics. I am currently working on the new Hoax Hunters series for Heavy Metal publishing, it will be a 5 part mini-series that comes out in March of this year. I am a self taught, traditional artist, i use paper, pencil and ink to produce comic pages. I draw one to two pages a day, from 9am til 7pm( or sometimes later ) I work 5 days a week, Monday through Friday and try my best to take weekends off.

Which of your art pieces do you identify with the most?

Hhhmmm- that's a tough one, Maybe some of my personal sketch pieces, like the ones based on nightmares- those always feel great when i get the image out of my head on to paper, or close as i can. 

Prime example of a nightmare induced (and inducing) piece of art 

What would you like to see this year bring for you and your artwork?

More readers! more eyes, whether it be online or from people buying the comics i'm working on. I plan on writing and drawing a black and white sci-fi horror book that i'll self publish later this year or early next year. I've been working hard on all the designs for it as i go.

If you were any mythological creature, what would you be?

Oh, hmmmm- PAZUZU ! my favorite demon :)

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