Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Corvus Cosmetics

I'm First off, tell me a little about yourself. 

Hi! My name is Noël, and I’m a native Baltimorean. Besides running Corvus, I’m a sociology student who is just more than ready to get college over with! ☺ I’m also an equestrian, and I love making cross-stitches, eating bread products and reading horror/thriller novels.  I have an adorable little pit/basset puppy named Dozer who is a total pain/time suck (but I love him anyway!) I also make the best cupcakes you’ll ever taste. Seriously.

And what is it that you make? 

In short, I make makeup!! Right now my line is exclusively eyeshadow, but I will soon have a lineup of lipsticks, lip balms, and blushes, and everything is made entirely by hand from scratch!

Which of your products do you relate to the most?
I probably identify most with my eyeshadow Melpomene. I know it’s a bit hard to identify with a makeup product, but this color is basically my favorite color, and it’s based on my favorite of the 9 muses. To me, this color is super edgy while still being elegant, and it just fits the aesthetic of both my brand and my personal style!

What would you like to see this year bring to your business?

I’ve been working on new products for quite a whiles do, so I’m hoping to have released a line of lipsticks, lip balms and blushes by the end of the year! I also have a few collection ideas I’ve been planning, one being an Edgar Allen Poe collection, which will hopefully be coming out around Halloween! Also planning a Norse mythology collection, a Grimm fairytale collection, and a collab collection coming out in the mid-Spring! ☺ For me, releasing new products is really my favorite part of the biz!

Tell me some useless factoids about yourself! 

If I could be a mythological creature, I would be a centaur, because they’re super cool, and I wouldn’t have to rely on stubborn ponies to do equestrian sports!
 If my life were a book, it’d probably have to be The Shining, because as a student and a brand owner, I’m constantly working, and sometimes that makes me feel like stabbing things. 
If I were a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, it would be Phish Food, because that’s the best flavor and the only one worth the unfortunate aftereffects of lactose intolerance. 
My favorite joke: On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple is involved in a fatal car accident. The couple find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, they begin to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven? When St. Peter showed up, they asked him. St. Peter said, 'I don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find out,' and he leaves. The couple sat and waited, and waited. Two months passed and the couple are still waiting. While waiting, they began to wonder what would happen if it didn't work out; could you get a divorce in heaven. After yet another month, St. Peter finally returns, looking somewhat bedraggled. 'Yes,' he informs the couple, 'you can get married in Heaven.' 'Great!' said the couple, 'But we were just wondering, what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?' St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slammed his clipboard onto the ground. 'What's wrong?' asked the frightened couple. 'OH, COME ON!', St. Peter shouted, 'It took me three months to find a priest up here! Do you have any idea how long it'll take me to find a lawyer?
If I could collaborate with any artist, it would probably be Edgar Allen Poe. I’m slightly obsessed with him, I’m Baltimorean, and I bet we could create some really badass looking products together, each with their own super crazy story!
6. Yes! So many links! (Okay only 3)