Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Ribbons & Robots

We are already one week into 2015, Wowee! The weather here in Maine has been Cold, bitter, and unforgiving. I have officially gone into hibernation mode. On the plus side, it has given me the time to work on my Wonkies and get some much-needed shop maintenance done (pay no mind to the highly neglected website at the moment…)

This week, I am interviewing Katie of Ribbons & Robots who makes super sweet plush toys that are adorable, even for us grown ups who are still kids at heart!

Tell me a little bit about yourself 
My name is Katie; I'm a mom of two wild little boys & a mess of 4-legged babies, wife, and maker living in the same Midwest town where I was born & raised. I love Mexican food, coffee with vanilla peppermint creamer (it's homemade and super easy!) fairy tales, and vintage toys and tchotchekes.
In addition to my business related projects, I also love to do hand embroidery, make portrait dolls, and do all sort of various art projects...anything from oil painting to mixed media dioramas to line drawn portraits.....

At work in the studio
What is it that you make?
I am the owner-operator of Ribbons & Robots. I make adorable, retro and vintage inspired plush toys and dolls. When I first started sewing, i intended to make my baby (who is now almonst 5!) a whole handmade wardrobe of adorable, one of a kind clothing...and I really ended up gravitating to making lovely playthings instead!
Adorable fuzzy elephant!
Which of your items do you relate to the most? Actually, I think I have to say it's a doll I haven't released yet! It's a pattern I searched high and low for; a Little Red Ridinghood/Grandmother/Big Bad Wolf doll! My grandma had one when I was a kid that I played with constantly (which is probably a large part of the reason she no longer has it!). I'm hoping to get a few made up for the shop in the coming year.
What would you like to see happen to your business in the new year?
Right now, I only offer custom, made to order toys. My biggest hope for 2015 is to be able to add ready to ship items to the shop! I also would like to branch out and into other types of children's toys and even children's accessories!

And lastly, if you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?
ooooooooooh! If I could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, I would have a really hard time choosing. My gut reaction is to say Frida Kahlo; she is my absolute favorite since pretty much forever. But I'm really torn because to somehow work with living artist Aganetha Dyck would just blow my mind. She works with honeybees and makes these incredible sculptures...if you have never seen her work, you need to stop everything you're doing and look her up!

Be sure to check Katie and Ribbons & Robots out on the interwebs!