Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Concocted Curioddities

Monster wreath ornament by Concorted Curioddities
Can you believe Christmas eve is already here? In just a few short hours I will be sitting with my family, watching our favorite holiday classics (24 hours of A Christmas Story, anyone?) and sipping down vegan eggnog by the gallon. 
Needless to say, I am excited. 

But, today is no exception to my pre- New Year's Resolution of doing a weekly featured artist post. And I figured what better way to get everyone in a festive mood (and perhaps even sway some of the Grinches and Scrooges out there) than with the ever talented, Pennsylvania based artist, Jenni FooFoo of  Concocted Curioddities

Did I mention before how adorable Jenni is?
First off, tell me a little about yourself.
Hobbies hmmmmm...
ART! Any type! Every medium! But my favorites are Sewing, Drawing, Sculpting and Painting! I've taught myself all the skills I know so far and keep trying n experimenting with new technics all the time! I also love nature so I love to camp n hike as well as dabble in photography! And I'm obsessed with reading, books, graphic novels, comics! And I'm an avid movie watcher! Nothing better than movie marathons and sewing all night!
Favorite Food/s:

And I have two LOVIES!
1 Polydactyl ( 6 claws in the front 4 in back ) Kittie named Abbie~Normal!
1 adorable puppa named Peanut!!
Both my fuzzy muses!

And what is it that you make?
My business is to create! Whatever the mood is I find a artsy fartsy craft to fit it! But my passion is my sewing! It's a lengthy process since I do it all my hand but it's so worth it to see it come from my imagination to paper n then to PLUSHIE!

I like to mix n match my mediums. Sometimes it's just plush, but then I like to add painted faces or panels, also enjoy embroidery and adding sculpted pieces to my concoctions! My plushies can range from 2" inches to 3 ft.! Anything I can imagine or a customer can request I can make!

Which of your items do you relate to the most?

I think it would have to be my Bunni FooFoo Nesting Doll!
It's three layers of plush, each one works together to create the whole. And it shows to never judge a book ( anything ) by it's cover. Just because something might look monstrous on the outside once you peel back a layer you might be happily surprised to see a cute warm n fuzzy! And vice versa!

What would you like to see the new year bring for your business? I just want to be artsy fartsy and be happy doing! I want to show more of the world what I can do and what a great imagination can create when it's filled with positive possibilities!
I'd love to be able to donate more works to more charities and help out others that are starting and just need a boost! It's always better to give than receive n I feel the more you share what you have and know it shows people a little bit more that creating can lead to great things!
My very own Concocted Curioddities ornament that Jenni made for me! I love him so much

And lastly, if you could be any mythological creature, what would you be? I would be a Unicorn!
Unicorns are creates of nature, magic and protection! And if anyone makes me cranky I can stab them in the bum with my glittery horn!

To see more of Jenni's awesome creatures and follow her on the web, you can find her at: