Ahoy there, kiddies! 
The holiday season is upon us and I have been bit on the butt by the festive bug this year! 

Case and point...

Our ancient, acrylic tree is up, presents are (almost) wrapped, lights are hung, and our grumpy angel is judging from afar... 

Speaking of cats, I even treated myself to a new kitty Christmas sweater... for my collection (yeah, that's a thing). 

Fabulous. I know. 

 And as awesome as trees and cats are, the highlight of my season has been attending Fright Kingdom's Fright Before Christmas haunt! That's right, a Christmas haunt! Guest starring no other than Krampus!

I told him I was nice this year, but he chased and yelled at me and called me naughty anyways. It was traumatic, in the best kind of way.

And if you are still waiting on your orders, expect to get them in time for Christmas! I am working around the clock, every day, to ensure they arrive in time. Santa makes it look so easy!!

Thank you to everyone who chose to include my Wonkies as part of your festivities this year, I am both humbled and honored by the overwhelming amount of orders I got this season.
You all rock!!

Until next time,