We had our first real snow of the season over the weekend (boo!) and I am already lurking in the stores like Gollum, awaiting my precious vegan eggnog (have you guys tried that stuff? It's so good!) I also have been binge watching cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix all week, and starting to worry if I got bit by a humbug. Seriously, I should get some sort of award for resisting the urge to start to put up our ye old vintage fake tree pre Thanksgiving. 
The holidays are fast approaching and that's why I decided to go all out with the Wonky holiday decor this year. Mythical monster ornaments? I got you covered. How about an adorably fierce stocking? Yeah, I got that too! But be sure to get them when you can, because they are getting snatched up quick! (Apparently I'm not the only one with premature festive cheer)

Wonky-Tastic Holiday Goodies available here!