Oh man guys, it has been a cold week, I mean really really cold. The kind of cold that gets in your bones. And we got more snow (boo!) and then freezing rain on top of that (double boo!) so now instead of the majestic winter wonderland that would at least make me happy to look at, my yard is just left with a cold, icy, crunchy, grey mess that will most likely last until mid spring. Boo-boo-boo's all around!
But enough of me complaining about the weather (typical Tranifer, I know).

Anyone that regularly reads has most likely heard me mention the #happyhandmade linkup hosted by Daft Crafts. It's a weekly blog post on their website where handmade artists and crafters can go and share their handmade goodies, and where to find them. It is a pretty awesome resource for both sellers and buyers alike (I definitely have done a fair amount of shopping from artisans I've found through the linkup in the past).

So, without further ado, my favorite picks from #happyhandmade Week Eight-Nine!

Okay, rule number one, always share mermaids (duh!)

Embroidered mermaid hoop by Amelianda Media Studio 
Okay guys, this little hoop is too cute for words! Happy, chubby mermaids are the best mermaids! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, it's full of equally cute embroidered goodies. 

TaunTaun Ruggle by Bewhiskered
Yep, totally in love with this! A snuggle blanket that also happens to he a TaunTaun? YAAAAS! Oh, and get this, it also has a little zipper pouch on its belly to hide your favorite Starwars action figures. How could you possibly go wrong?!
Available here.

And last but not least...

Super amazing dinosaur sculpture by Caitlin's Amazing Pottery
Caitlin's Amazing Pottery deserves an entire blog post of its own (soon, I promise, I am an avid collector of her work!) Out of all of her pieces though, this dinosaur has to be one of my favorites. It's purple, covered in rainbow polkadots, what more could you possibly want? Makes me wish they made a Land Before Time movie (one of the thousand sequels) where Little Foot was super fabulous... amiright? Check out this awesome brontosaurus as well as other adorable pottery creations here.

That's all for now, folks! If you need me I'll be curled up under a mountain of blankets with my cat watching Jingle All the Way (don't judge me).