Halloween is officially over (sad), we had the last night of The Ghoullog this weekend (sadder) and it snowed here in New England last night (the saddest!) I'm officially writing up my shopping lists for loved ones and starting to get geared up for the holiday season. Ain't no rest for the Wonky. 

As some of you may or may not know, I got back into special effects makeup this year (was one of the makeup artists at the haunt and it was an amazing learning experience, so much fun!) Can't wait to make my holiday wish list nothing but fake blood and prosthetic building supplies!
 So, for the Halloween bash, as promised,  I rocked a handmade costume (except the corset, I'm not THAT fancy) with some creepy makeup, all done by yours truly. 
And, obviously, I was a mermaid, because... duh. Mermaids. 

Awww what a cute little mermai-....

Just kidding. 

Much fun was had all around, and now I will have to practice my skills in the privacy of my own home, on myself (or my cat). 

If only this sort of behavior was acceptable year round. 
Oh well. 

Until next time, kiddies!