Hey guys, remember a while back when I started making little furry unicorns and I couldn't stop tooting my own horn over it?
Well, I went and did it again.
No elegant, mythological being are safe from me and my monsters, kiddies!

I present to you, FURMAIDS!

Because who doesn't want an adorable, toothy, pastel fish monster thing that is totally rocking that is totally rocking a clam-shell bra!
And, like with most things I enjoy making, I may have gone a little overboard with them...

we're quadruplets, obviously. 

custom Furmadicorn I was asked to make. Oh yeah, this customer gets me!

Because, heck, what isn't to absolutely love?

and yes, for the last time, I do love taking selfies with my monsters ;)

Unfortunately, I am running low on them in my shop at the moment, but I do still have one left, SO, if you're interested...

Last remaining Furmaid available here.

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