Summer is here, and I couldn't possibly be happier! Been taking nice, long walks, spending time at the beach (because, mermaid, duh), and just trying to be outside as much as humanly possible!
I keep spotting lunar moths, dragonflies keep getting stuck in my hair, and I keep having to swerve while driving to avoid various furry friends (including bears). Yep, all a small price to live in the beautiful back woods of  New England.

I am currently working on getting some art shows together. As of right now, the only one set in stone is First Friday Art Walk in Portland Maine, on July 4th! It's going to be a beautiful night of art, music, and all sorts of interesting folks. If you attend, be sure to swing by and say hello! I'll be set up right in front of Coast City Comics on Congress street.

Also, this is my 100th blog post on my official website! WOAH! We're in the triple digits now, friends. Oh how the time flies.

Until next time,