In case you didn't get the memo...

My hair is pink again! A little octopus (seen in picture) came to my rescue and helped restore me back to my true self, as the cotton candy, flamingo head that I am. Hallelujah!

Also, in other news, I've spent the good part of the evening attempting to re-enable comments on my blog. I don't care if it looks "unprofessional" to have them (site building 101's opinion, not my own), having a one sided conversation with myself isn't fun. I miss all the chatter I used to get on here from lovely strangers.
So, despite kicking and screaming, it still doesn't want to work. So stay tuned, I'll try to give you all back a special place to talk about whatever you'd like very soon (or as soon as my host site decides to work).

Okay, enough tech rants/rambles for one evening.
G'night y'all!

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