Need to add a little mystery to your life? Wonky Critters has exactly what you need! 
These mystery grab bags come in two sizing choices of small ($10 for a monster approximately 2-4" tall) and medium ($20 for a monster approximately 6-10" tall). 

But wait, there's more!
Not only are you given the option to pick which size/price range you would like for a monster but you also get to pick the style of the monster you are sent! Holy variety, Batman! 
Mystery Monster Options: 
  • Monster - Just your average Wonky Joe. Might be happy, might be sad, might be scary, who knows! Monsters are unpredictable. 
  • Zombie - Need a friend to help fend off intruders and assist in an apocalyptic emergency? We've got you covered! Click this option if you want something a little on the bloodier side...
  • Cute - This will be created in a cute/kawaii stile that is sure to melt the hearts (and possibly eyes) of everyone who comes in contact with it. No blood, gore, or scary things here! 
  • Pick for me - Still can't decide? That's okay! That's one of the best parts of the mystery experience! I'll pick something awesome for you and send it your way. And I promise, it won't disappoint! 

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself "Tranifer, I need this mysterious force in my life, but I don't know how. Please show me the way!" 
Fear not, friends, there is hope for you still! You  can purchase yourself a little magical surprise in my Etsy shop. 
For a small surprise, click HERE
For a medium surprise, click HERE
(large option coming soon)


Looking for something a little more daring?

I also offer plush grab bags that contain not one, not two, but THREE surprise Wonkies!
This grab bag includes three plushies. One medium sized plushie (6-10") and two mini plushies (2-4").
Available HERE.