Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Caitlin's Amazing Pottery

It is the last day of 2014. My goodness, where did the time go?
It has been a big year for Wonky Critters, possibly the biggest year yet! And I am both humbled and grateful for all of the responses and support I have gotten from all of you over the past twelve months. I couldn't have done it without you amazing folks buying, sharing, and supporting all things Wonky! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, each and every one of you weird, wonderful people!

And I thought what better way to ring in the new year than with the whimsical, sweet work of Caitlin of Caitlin's Amazing Pottery. There is a certain innocence to her items that makes you feel almost nostalgic simpler times.

First off, Tell me a little about yourself. 
My name is Caitlin, owner of Caitlin's Amazing Pottery. I live in the pretty White Mountains of New Hampshire. I used to work at Essence of Art, a work studio and shop for people with different disabilities to go and sell their artwork and create and learn.
Then my parents build me a studio of my very own at our home, and now I get to work on my pottery full time!
Hard at work in the studio
I like to swim, I am a part of the Mount Washington Valley Dolphins Special Olympics swim team, and I am the co-captain!
I like playing games on my ipad (My Dolphin Show is my favorite right now, so fun!)
I am also a part of the Dream Team, which is a self advocacy group for people with different intellectual disabilities.
I love tea, and my two cats Jackson and Oreo.
Jackson with his miniature selff.
What is it that you make? 
Pottery! Different varieties of pottery. Lots of animal sculptures and figurines. I also make small dishes, plates, miniature houses, and flowers for your garden. Oh, and brooches and ornaments! 
 Which of your items do you relate to the most? 
My giraffes! They're so fun and cute! And they even have scarfs. I made a Christmas giraffe this year and it was a hit! He was my favorite.
Giraffes are always a good thing, no matter what the occasion! 
What do you want to see the new year bring to your business? 
Get more sales! I sell to lots of local shops, but I would like more attention on Etsy, and to get my work out there and not just local. 
Last question, if your life could be any book, which one would it be? 
If my life could be any book, I would pick Mary Poppins! Cause I love that book, and the movie. It would be so cool to fly around, and go to different houses and help families with their kids, and help them solve their problems. Also, she's' magical! That's pretty cool.
Super sweet cat plate I bought from Caitlin and gifted to my sister, who obviously LOVED it! 

Be sure to check out Caitlin and her amazing pottery around the interwebs! She posts lots of great progress pictures and sneak peeks, you definitely won't be disappointed!
Etsy Shop

I am almost completely sold out of Furrycorns, only have a few left! 

Will be restocking the shop soon, so stay tuned, kiddies! 


Is he a yeti? The Abominable Snowman? Or something entirely different? Take him home, warm his heart, and perhaps he'll tell you.

Available here.

It's finally here! Yippeeeeeee!!! 

Have a marvelously, wonderfully, delightfully, fun, happy, safe, and merry Christmas. 
From my Wonky family to yours,

Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Concocted Curioddities

Monster wreath ornament by Concorted Curioddities
Can you believe Christmas eve is already here? In just a few short hours I will be sitting with my family, watching our favorite holiday classics (24 hours of A Christmas Story, anyone?) and sipping down vegan eggnog by the gallon. 
Needless to say, I am excited. 

But, today is no exception to my pre- New Year's Resolution of doing a weekly featured artist post. And I figured what better way to get everyone in a festive mood (and perhaps even sway some of the Grinches and Scrooges out there) than with the ever talented, Pennsylvania based artist, Jenni FooFoo of  Concocted Curioddities

Did I mention before how adorable Jenni is?
First off, tell me a little about yourself.
Hobbies hmmmmm...
ART! Any type! Every medium! But my favorites are Sewing, Drawing, Sculpting and Painting! I've taught myself all the skills I know so far and keep trying n experimenting with new technics all the time! I also love nature so I love to camp n hike as well as dabble in photography! And I'm obsessed with reading, books, graphic novels, comics! And I'm an avid movie watcher! Nothing better than movie marathons and sewing all night!
Favorite Food/s:

And I have two LOVIES!
1 Polydactyl ( 6 claws in the front 4 in back ) Kittie named Abbie~Normal!
1 adorable puppa named Peanut!!
Both my fuzzy muses!

And what is it that you make?
My business is to create! Whatever the mood is I find a artsy fartsy craft to fit it! But my passion is my sewing! It's a lengthy process since I do it all my hand but it's so worth it to see it come from my imagination to paper n then to PLUSHIE!

I like to mix n match my mediums. Sometimes it's just plush, but then I like to add painted faces or panels, also enjoy embroidery and adding sculpted pieces to my concoctions! My plushies can range from 2" inches to 3 ft.! Anything I can imagine or a customer can request I can make!

Which of your items do you relate to the most?

I think it would have to be my Bunni FooFoo Nesting Doll!
It's three layers of plush, each one works together to create the whole. And it shows to never judge a book ( anything ) by it's cover. Just because something might look monstrous on the outside once you peel back a layer you might be happily surprised to see a cute warm n fuzzy! And vice versa!

What would you like to see the new year bring for your business? I just want to be artsy fartsy and be happy doing! I want to show more of the world what I can do and what a great imagination can create when it's filled with positive possibilities!
I'd love to be able to donate more works to more charities and help out others that are starting and just need a boost! It's always better to give than receive n I feel the more you share what you have and know it shows people a little bit more that creating can lead to great things!
My very own Concocted Curioddities ornament that Jenni made for me! I love him so much

And lastly, if you could be any mythological creature, what would you be? I would be a Unicorn!
Unicorns are creates of nature, magic and protection! And if anyone makes me cranky I can stab them in the bum with my glittery horn!

To see more of Jenni's awesome creatures and follow her on the web, you can find her at:

Ishmael the whale is known for his impressive collection of vintage knickknacks. He will travel the globe hitting every seaside antique shop along the way. 

Available here. 

Here he is, in the flesh! The mythical and magical Furrylope! Part deer, part... something! 
It is believed that spotting one is a good omen, and will bring you good fortune. 
Adopt this little guy and he is sure to bring you good luck and cheer for years to come! 

Available here

For those of you who celebrate, happy Yule!
And for those of you who don't, have a safe and fun first day of winter. 
And to everyone, stay warm! 
Though it has been too cold out to do anything fun, but I've spent the last couple days hibernating and working from the comfort of my own home. I've got some blog interviews scheduled for the next couple of weeks (good stuff!) and started working on a couple new designs for the shop! 
I probably should sleep at some point, but let's be real, staying up late watching Netflix with monsters is far more fun than beauty sleep. 

One of the adorable monsters I just added to my shop today...

Meet the most majestic and brutal creature you've never heard of, the Furrycorn! He might not have all the glamour or flair of the ordinary unicorn, but he will wow you with his brutal guitar shreds, custom make you a leather, studded vest, and share his favorite metal albums from the past 30 years with you. 
Available here!

Meet the mythical, beautiful mermaid (or should I said Furmaid?)
She is often found swimming about the deepest depths of the ocean with her best friend, the Narwhal. 

This mermaid monster is completely hand-stitched from pink faux fur with pastel rainbow tips, blue and pink fleece,, and detailed with acrylic fabric paint. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill and recycled fleece scraps. 

Approximately 10" tall and 4" wide.

Available here.

He may be blue, but he is by no means sad! This little guy is quite the beach bum. He is constantly found sitting by the water, hanging out with his mermaid pals, and letting the ocean breeze blow his long, furry locks.
Available here

Wonky Creature Feature Presents: Little Green Guy

It is already the third day of Hanukkah, Christmas is just a week away, everything smells like gingerbread, ugly sweaters as far as the eye can see, and 2015 is right around the corner. My, this year flew by fast!
And with the new year comes new goals and new beginnings. I thought I'd get a jump start on one of the things I wanted to tackle, but kept putting off and making excuses not to. Featured artists posts! 
I am going to start doing weekly featured artist interviews on my blog, and what better way to start new traditions than with old friends? So I called in my expert, awesome friend, Brittany of Little Green Guy.
Without further ado... 

Brittany looking especially fabulous while at work in the studio.

Tell me a little about yourself

Hello lovelies! My name is Brittany, or Little Green Guy, whichever you prefer. I am owner and artist behind Little Green Guy! I am mother to two children, 5 fur babies, and wife to a pretty awesome guy I like to call Man Panda (don't worry he is an ACTUAL person I didn't order him off of the internet and then inflate him).

I am also vegan (yes I eat more than just lettuce follow me on IG for yummy food pics), and love to dive into yoga when I make time.

Are they not the most adorable family ever? 

What is it that you do/make

I make plush toys, sculptures, prints and childrens books all based upon the character I have created, Little Green Guy, and his monster friends. Each has a different personality but all have one thing in common, they only have one eye!

The infamous Little Green Guy!

I also speak to children at schools; for k-3rd I read my book and introduce them to my book set (built out of clay and then photographed for a unique illustration style), for the older kids I speak on  a non traditional career and how much your drive to succeed has to do with your impact in your field of choice. As well as teaching classes on how to sculpt their own little green guy and an introduction to working with polymer clay.

From Brittany's book "Little Green Guy Finds a Friend"

Apart from Little Green Guy I also love to work with watercolor on wood, I paint pet portraits and wildlife on rough wooden slats and then assemble to make a unique canvas.

Which of your creations do you feel you relate to the most?

I couldn't possibly pick just one! As with most artists a piece of me is in everything I create, and hopefully it shows.

What would you like to see the new year bring to your business?

Oh Gosh! So much! My dreams are always so big. My second book is written the set just needs to be completed, so that is a big goal for me. I want to hold my second book in my hands next year.

I want to expand my reach in the schools, visiting more classrooms on a regular basis, this brings me great joy and is always a rush.

I'd also like to get into some much larger retailers. I sell in several artsy shops around the country, but I am dreaming of something bigger.

Lastly, what is your favorite holiday film, and why?

Ummm, holiday film... I love the old films with the heat miser? I have no idea what they are called. I don't think I have a favorite! I am much more a reader than a watcher.

Who needs Christmas movies when you have festive pets?

To read more about Brittany and Little Green Guy's story, and see all the awesome goodies she has, you can find her here:
Instagram (so many yummy vegan food pics!)

And if you are a handmade crafter or artist and would like to be featured, you can do so by filling out this form.

The adorable Furrycorn is at it again, and this time he's pink and pint sized!

Available here

PS: I'm going to start doing featured blog interviews with handmade artists and crafters who's work I dig. If you're interested in chatting about yourself on my blog, send me a message via my contact page and we'll talk! 

Ahoy there, kiddies! 
The holiday season is upon us and I have been bit on the butt by the festive bug this year! 

Case and point...

Our ancient, acrylic tree is up, presents are (almost) wrapped, lights are hung, and our grumpy angel is judging from afar... 

Speaking of cats, I even treated myself to a new kitty Christmas sweater... for my collection (yeah, that's a thing). 

Fabulous. I know. 

 And as awesome as trees and cats are, the highlight of my season has been attending Fright Kingdom's Fright Before Christmas haunt! That's right, a Christmas haunt! Guest starring no other than Krampus!

I told him I was nice this year, but he chased and yelled at me and called me naughty anyways. It was traumatic, in the best kind of way.

And if you are still waiting on your orders, expect to get them in time for Christmas! I am working around the clock, every day, to ensure they arrive in time. Santa makes it look so easy!!

Thank you to everyone who chose to include my Wonkies as part of your festivities this year, I am both humbled and honored by the overwhelming amount of orders I got this season.
You all rock!!

Until next time, 

Here he is, in the flesh! The mythical and magical Furrylope! Part deer, part... something! 
It is believed that spotting one is a good omen, and will bring you good fortune. 
Adopt this little guy and he is sure to bring you good luck and cheer for years to come! 

Available here.

Narwhals are quite the majestic creatures. You know it, I know it, they know it, it's simply a fact. 
This little unicorn of the sea loves splashing and playing and swimming for days! 

Available here.

Small Business Saturday!

Better late than never, I guess! 
On top of my sale going on this weekend I will be offering a free surprise monster with all orders over $20 (before shipping). 
Going on today only until 12AM EST.

Great little extra perk to give to a friend (or keep for yourself, I won't judge). 

Ahoy there, kiddies! Hope you who celebrate all had a wonderful Tofurkey day. 

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I will be holding a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my shop starting now through 12/1. 
15% off all items with the code "WONKYWINTER", no minimum purchase required.

Check it out, y'all! :D 


Oh man guys, it has been a cold week, I mean really really cold. The kind of cold that gets in your bones. And we got more snow (boo!) and then freezing rain on top of that (double boo!) so now instead of the majestic winter wonderland that would at least make me happy to look at, my yard is just left with a cold, icy, crunchy, grey mess that will most likely last until mid spring. Boo-boo-boo's all around!
But enough of me complaining about the weather (typical Tranifer, I know).

Anyone that regularly reads has most likely heard me mention the #happyhandmade linkup hosted by Daft Crafts. It's a weekly blog post on their website where handmade artists and crafters can go and share their handmade goodies, and where to find them. It is a pretty awesome resource for both sellers and buyers alike (I definitely have done a fair amount of shopping from artisans I've found through the linkup in the past).

So, without further ado, my favorite picks from #happyhandmade Week Eight-Nine!

Okay, rule number one, always share mermaids (duh!)

Embroidered mermaid hoop by Amelianda Media Studio 
Okay guys, this little hoop is too cute for words! Happy, chubby mermaids are the best mermaids! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop, it's full of equally cute embroidered goodies. 

TaunTaun Ruggle by Bewhiskered
Yep, totally in love with this! A snuggle blanket that also happens to he a TaunTaun? YAAAAS! Oh, and get this, it also has a little zipper pouch on its belly to hide your favorite Starwars action figures. How could you possibly go wrong?!
Available here.

And last but not least...

Super amazing dinosaur sculpture by Caitlin's Amazing Pottery
Caitlin's Amazing Pottery deserves an entire blog post of its own (soon, I promise, I am an avid collector of her work!) Out of all of her pieces though, this dinosaur has to be one of my favorites. It's purple, covered in rainbow polkadots, what more could you possibly want? Makes me wish they made a Land Before Time movie (one of the thousand sequels) where Little Foot was super fabulous... amiright? Check out this awesome brontosaurus as well as other adorable pottery creations here.

That's all for now, folks! If you need me I'll be curled up under a mountain of blankets with my cat watching Jingle All the Way (don't judge me).

We had our first real snow of the season over the weekend (boo!) and I am already lurking in the stores like Gollum, awaiting my precious vegan eggnog (have you guys tried that stuff? It's so good!) I also have been binge watching cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix all week, and starting to worry if I got bit by a humbug. Seriously, I should get some sort of award for resisting the urge to start to put up our ye old vintage fake tree pre Thanksgiving. 
The holidays are fast approaching and that's why I decided to go all out with the Wonky holiday decor this year. Mythical monster ornaments? I got you covered. How about an adorably fierce stocking? Yeah, I got that too! But be sure to get them when you can, because they are getting snatched up quick! (Apparently I'm not the only one with premature festive cheer)

Wonky-Tastic Holiday Goodies available here!

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

He has returned in all of his tentacley glory, and he has never been cuter, or smaller!
He needs somewhere quiet to lay low while he regains his strength, clears his mind, and allows his weary, teary eyes to adjust to the light. 
All he wants is a pal to snuggle up to, watch horror movies with, and to perhaps nibble on their soul from time to time...

Available here
I decided to once again attempt to make some holiday themed goodies for the shop, as I have slacked in the ornament and monster stocking department the past couple of years. 
So, without further ado, I present to you the head of a zombie snowman! 

Frosty is back, and this time... he's hungry. 

Available HERE.

Halloween is officially over (sad), we had the last night of The Ghoullog this weekend (sadder) and it snowed here in New England last night (the saddest!) I'm officially writing up my shopping lists for loved ones and starting to get geared up for the holiday season. Ain't no rest for the Wonky. 

As some of you may or may not know, I got back into special effects makeup this year (was one of the makeup artists at the haunt and it was an amazing learning experience, so much fun!) Can't wait to make my holiday wish list nothing but fake blood and prosthetic building supplies!
 So, for the Halloween bash, as promised,  I rocked a handmade costume (except the corset, I'm not THAT fancy) with some creepy makeup, all done by yours truly. 
And, obviously, I was a mermaid, because... duh. Mermaids. 

Awww what a cute little mermai-....

Just kidding. 

Much fun was had all around, and now I will have to practice my skills in the privacy of my own home, on myself (or my cat). 

If only this sort of behavior was acceptable year round. 
Oh well. 

Until next time, kiddies!