Coast City Comicon 2013!

Well... I promised a pic heavy post, so here it is!
I had such a blast this year, making it the most successful and most fun year yet of C4! Seriously, I could go on for hours and throw so many "vacation pics" at you, but I'll spare you the painful moments of me taking pictures of Ben Templesmith's perfect hair from every angle, and just show you some of the highlights.

Was very pleased with my table set up this year. I actually did more than throw a pile of my stuff on a table and hope for the best! 

I even built myself a shelf and painted it! I think it got the point across of showing how fun it is to have a critter collection set up at home, and made it much easier for more than one person to visit my table at a time (an issue I've had in the past).

Handmade signage seemed to work as well for catching people's eyes.

But enough about my table! Here's some random pics of cool people! 

Obi-Wan (aka my friend Joe) attacked my killer steak (apparently steaks are all Sith Lords?).
....but we worked it out.
Notice the head from Maximum Overdrive in the background? Yes, it's the real deal! 

JK Woodward (of Fallen Angel and Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 fame) was smitten with my Cthulhu.

Me and Ren and Stimpy creator, Bob Camp. He was a super nice guy (and a fan of the Wonkies!) After discovering I'm also vegan, we basically just talked about food for the next half an hour. 

And last but not least, Iron Man - Maine! This guy spent almost 6 months building this entire getup from scratch! All of the lights are activated by flexing, no buttons required. He also has all sorts of sound effects and a removable face plate. This guy was seriously awesome.

Can't wait til next year! Sorry for this post being so incredibly pic heavy. But... you know, Tranifer get's excited.


  1. Your display looks FABULOUS and I wish I could have come to visit! Someday...

    1. Thanks! So glad to finally have something other than a pile on a table :P

      And yes, Kim and I decided that you MUST come and visit and do some shows, gosh darn it!