New Project

I've gotten a lot of requests over the years (especially at shows) for Wonky Critter tshirts. I always liked the idea of it, but, in the words of Sweet Brown "ain't nobody got time for that".
I recently acquired a couple of white shirts, and, well... anyone that knows me knows I am not exactly the tidiest person. I spend all day working with coffee and all night on my creations (which have been known to get messy). So, needless to say, white clothing and I are not well suited for one another (no pun intended).
So the shirts sat. And taunted me. Begging me to wear them, so they could become messy and stained to the point of having to be torn up into cleaning rags, and that was just not gonna fly. And then it dawned on me, paint 'em into fantastic monstery masterpieces!

So I gathered up every bottle of acrylic paint and brush I could find and got to work.
notice me taking precautionary measures not stain the already stained carpet? Good girl, Tranifer. 
I really wanted to go for a pastel, layered, almost graffiti look. But, oops, paint, plus cotton, plus copious amounts of water (to dilute the paint), plus light cotton equals bleeding. A lot of bleeding! So a couple times I considered throwing the entire project (shirt, paints, priority mail box and all) across the room. But nay, I stuck with it and made it work. 

Let it dry, did a quick heat set so it would be machine washable/dryable and huzzah, I had myself a new favorite shirt! In fact I got such a great response on my Instagram that I decided I'd be foolish not to start making my own wonky attire.
Heck, shirts started showing up at my work begging me to paint them! 
I wasn't kidding that actually happened. 
So I am currently am keeping an eye out for discount, good quality shirts as well as looking into some at home screen printing methods - which I am definitely going to be looking into trying out!

It's only the beginning, but I promise to keep all you little wonkies posted on updates and new merchandise as it rolls out. 

Until next time, 

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