Charlie the Dapper Gentleman

Ahoy there boys and girls!
I have a bit of a treat in store for you all. Are you a fan of Wonky Critters? How about beer? Mustaches? Floral trousers? All of the above?! Well then you HAVE to check out this awesome new project a buddy of mine is working on!

I was commissioned to make a dapper gentleman plushie to be the face of online micro-brew reviews (has a nice ring to it, eh?)
My friend received his plushie today, and right away got down to "work" and made his first review for a tasty beverage.
The results:
In the words of Homer Simpson, "mmm... beer"

Charlie and his reviews,  mustache and witty posts can be found on his facebook page as well as on Instagram (username DAPPER_CHARLIE)

Can't wait to see what else charlie has in store for the world!

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