Bugs are cool

I am a strange person when it comes to bugs. I am terrified of  butterflies, spiders and beetles, but I will totally cuddle someone's pet tarantula or let a hissing cockroach run all over my face (and I have the pictures to prove it).
Second to peacock spiders, Lunar moths are one of my favorite bugs (and animals, for that matter). And I was just talking to the boyfriend this week about how I used to see them all the time as a small child, and how it was a huge thing when a neighbor was lucky enough to have one land on their house. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen one in at least eighteen years, and that is no bueno in my book.

Today on my way in the house through the rain, I found this soggy little guy chilling on my front stairs
Is it normal for someone to almost faint when they see a bug, but in a happy way?

I picked him up so he wouldn't become chicken food (they'll eat anything, they're like bird zombies) and he quickly proceeded to scurry up my arm and try to be my friend.


Oh mi gawsh guys, it was like being approached by a unicorn or Bill Murray, or something! 
Then he decided that the best place to get a grip and hang out is in no other than my luscious locks. And so he did. 

Is that not the coolest hairpiece you've ever seen?! Fellow Etsians, take notice.
And then it occurred to me, boys and girls.... I have way too many awesome animals approaching me and landing on my head and trying to be my friends.. the only logical explanation: I am a real life Disney Princess.

le fin.


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    1. That's cause you're a sucker for Disney Princesses ;)

    2. *hangs head* yes Belle was my favorite, Stockholm syndrome at its finest