Trying something new..

So as many of you know (or maybe you don't) I am a sucker for illustration. Have been all of my life but I tend to keep my artwork to myself, hoarded away in boxes.... Until now! I have a whole mess of hand drawn trading cards that I've been selling at shows, but never thought to put in my shop (silly me!) Until a friend of mine gave me a little shove, and told me, "Hey, you've got it, might as well flaunt it!"

Pretty excited about this. I know it is a small step for mankind,  but it is a huge leap for this little wonky lady. Already have some of favorite things drawn up - silly aquatic animals, Lovecraftian monsters (as well as wonky monsters, obviously), cryptozoology goodies, zombies and as soon as I get out and buy some more ACEO paper, I'm going to start doodling up some more awesomely wacky wonkies. 

Stay tuned, boys and girls.. 

These pieces and more available here.

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