Baby, it's cold outside.

I keep seeing more and more light up reindeer, everything at work suddenly has peppermint and gingerbread in it, it has started getting dark at 4pm and I am finding it very difficult to comfortably wear a skirt. Yep, brace yourselves boys and girls, winter is coming! And those that know me best, know how I feel about winter (let's just say that it shocks me that Fall is the season they chose to name a 4-letter word.. *cough cough*) But I'm trying to stay focused and sane in these chilly times. Stocking up on a boatload of new critters and hoping to be prepared this year for the holiday rush. Fun fact: This is my third Christmas on Etsy, and once again, zombies are in the lead as the hot ticket item. Apparently nothing brings warmth and cheer to a loved one quite like an undead, brain craving beast. 
And on that note, I am off to paint some blood on a rather menacing looking cupcake and get some shut eye. 

Peace out cub scouts! 

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