I'm happily pooped!

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks, and it is only a foreshadowing (good foreshadowing, if that's a real thing) of the next few months for me.
Was switched to full time at my new(ish) coffee job, am working on filling the seemingly never ending list of custom orders (not that I am complaining) and have been spending the little bit of online time I have to work on the website. Oh yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am now the proud owner of WonkyCritters.com! It might not be much to look at right now, but I promise you boys and girls, snazzy things are soon to come.

Next month I will be starting a new (seasonal) job at a local, very large scale haunted house operation, which will be oodles of fun. And I was just told today that the Starbucks I work at wants to have me as the featured artist for October! Time to get crackin' on some new goodies to hang on the walls and I was even told that, if I would like, I could put up a huge Wonky Critters sign and basically pimp my shop to the many, many tourists that shuffle through each day. So excited! Then, in November, is my big sale of the year at Coast City Comicon. Then Christmas a month later!
I am exhausted just thinking about it, but also so happy that things are going smoothly and really, finally starting to take off on my end.
I will try my darnedest to try to keep things balanced, update the blog regularly and make sure the shop is well stocked.
Now I am off to do a little happy dance, work on some new monsters, and, if I can find the time, maybe fit in an hour or two of sleep.


  1. Awesome Tranifer!!! Great news about the feature in your workplace. Wonderful opportunity there. The new web site is looking real good. You go girl! And the haunted house? I envy you. Would love to do that.

  2. Thanks Debbi! :D
    The haunted house should be fun. It's at a ski resort, so you have to go up the spooky ski lift in the chilly night to get to all the horror and mayhem. Pretty large scale and fun. Really excited!

  3. A haunted house at a ski resort - that sounds awesome! Good luck. :)