Mary's Monkee Creations

I came home to find quite the curious package waiting for me on my doorstep... 

Whatever could it be.... 

Oh my goodness! A Mary's Monkee Creations original! And she is beyond fabulous! 
Love all the little frilly details, and how she is one extremely bumblebee-centric lady. So, adorable, and perfectly fitting with the Summer Plushie Swap theme! (also, can I get her dress in human size? Pretty please?)

She was a bit pooped from the trip here, so she decided to kick back and take a nap by the pool, and soak up a bit of sun in the process.

Right after she woke up, she felt much better, and frolicked off to smell some flowers (she is a bee-monkee, after all)

Immediately after, a real life bumblebee came and landed on her nose! No joke. Unfortunately it flew away before I could take a picture. Drats! 

Thank you so very much Mary, I love her very much and she will be going up on my "inspiration wall" will all my other coveted handmade plushies. Your Wonky surprise should be arriving in the mail shortly, I hope you like it! 

Until next time, 

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