A peek into Wonkyland

Taking a break with Scully
The past few months I have been trying my darnedest to set aside time every day to commit to making monsters. With transitioning to a new job, creating a whole new sleep schedule that threw me for a bit of a loop, it has not been easy (the constant distraction Etsy's forums and cat videos also hasn't helped with my productivity). But it is amazing how big of a difference just having flat surface with some inspirational decor on the wall can be.

I have never been a very organized person. My materials have been known to wander and hide from me in the strangest of places (not even an hour ago I lost a needle I had just threaded. Still scared of where it might pop up...) The fact that I've managed to keep all of my finished products in a single location is mind boggling and a huge accomplishment in its own. The next step was setting up somewhere that I could just sit back and put myself in a "time out", to contemplate and create. Living in a tiny room over a garage with my boyfriend, cat and chinchilla, space isn't really a luxury that we have. But, luckily, I did receive a beautiful wooden desk that year that has been sitting in the corner of my room just begging to be loved.
And thus, my micro-sized studio was born.
Like I said before, a simple flat space with basic supplies and a bit of flavor all laid out can make a wold of difference in calmness and clarity when it comes to keeping the creation ball rolling. Now I know where everything is (well, almost everything... there is still that pesky needle hiding somewhere...) and have more time to devote to imagining and making new items without having to stress over where I put my pink spool of thread. My shop is now more stocked than ever and I am finally starting to see actual success in my business offline as well as on. I can only imagine how much I will branch out when I finally have the space to spread out and devote an entire room to my monsters. Oh what a glorious day it will be! 


  1. I love seeing work spaces :) Yours is looking great! Congrats on the growth of your store, <3 all of the little monsters

  2. People who have a strong creative drive will carve out a space for that creativity no matter where they live! Hope you found that needle though...ouch.

    And yes I am a robot. A very intelligent robot.

    1. You're my favorite robot!
      And the needle turned up this morning, stabbed into the face of an item I was about to ship out. Glad I noticed before I wrapped it up!

  3. Great job on setting up that 'little creative space just for you'! Also love the photos you took. Thank you for showing us your work space, I'd have to do some major tidying/cleaning before I could do that - LOL!