It has been so muggy and hot here these past couple of weeks. Summer is one of the few times that I am glad I am not currently fulfilling my fantasy of living in some swamp down south with a banjo and pet alligator (no joke, I am secretly a redneck stuck in some funky chick's body).

I also quit my coffee shop job of five years, and hopped on board the corporate coffee shop train, which seems silly, but it is the right decision for me at this point in my life. Between that my local movie review show, and assisting in the grooming of stinky dogs, I have had very little time or energy to sew anything new. Sad face. But fear not, my wonky friends, you will not walk away from this post empty handed. I still have a whole mess of plush goodies to show off! 

This icky little monster's name is Cheese. I have no idea what the heck he got all over his face, but I know for damn sure I'm not gonna be the one to try and figure it out!
Available here

This is Clyde, and I am quite fond of him. Even if he is a nervous nilly. 
Clyde can be found here

This is Mary. She is hairy. Hence why I named her Hairy Mary. 
More info and photos here

I couldn't stand having a narwhal free shop any longer, I had to bring them back! Even if it is a pint sized version. 

And last but not least...
Zombie breakfast is back in my shop! Yay!
Or, if you're lovin' the bacon, but not feelin' the eggs, I got you covered!

I do have a few more monsters kicking around, but I need to cut this post short (or, shorter, rather) to make an attempt at filling some orders and fitting in enough time to frolic in the remaining sunlight.

Love, peace and Falafel, 

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