FuzzyBums are back!

That's right, my wonky compadres! After taking a bit of a break from adding more critters to the FuzzyBum family, I decided the time had come to bring 'em back. 

What is a Fuzzy Bum, you ask? Fuzzy Bums are the result of too much pocket lint built up over time (kind of like a fuzzy pearl). They like hiding in cool, dark places and when they feel threatened they'll flip upside down exposing their fuzzy undersides to disguise themselves as a dust ball.


Cutesy Bum


These three little guys and the rest of the FuzzyBum family are now up for grabs in MY ETSY SHOP.


  1. The yellow dude rocks. He reminds me of somebody. Can't think who..... LOL

  2. Haha ohhh Debbiii.
    Thank you :)