Summer Fun

The weather in Maine has been exceptionally breath taking this past month. Whenever I am not at work, or haven't holed up sewing some new creation,  I've been enjoying the great outdoors. Hiking, swimming, roaming he country side, outdoor ukulele concerts for my chickens and sheep (no joke) or, my new favorite, hula hooping!

Beautiful custom hoop by Stark Raving Mad Designs

New goal for this summer: dominate this gosh darned hoop instead of dropping and scuffing it up...

Wish me luck y'all!

ps: Oh yeah, my hair is no longer pink! It is both a happy and a sad thing. Happy because I am about to go through a super positive job transition in my life (currently underwraps, sorry) and sad because... well... my hair isn't pink anymore! (Which anyone who knows me knows it is my natural color)
But I keep telling myself it is for the best. Because it is. 

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  1. Going from natural pink to looks great! Cindy Breninger, Deerwood Creek Gifts