Curious Little Bird

So last month I entered a giveaway to win a handmade monster of my choice from Curious Little Bird's shop.
Much to my surprise, I won! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
So I chose an adorable, one eyed owl that goes by Chaucer.

And we hit it off right away (he's quite the ladies man).

He even made friends with Chocolate Jesus (yes, that's the lambs name...)

But then he stole C.J.'s dinner...

After, he played on the old swing

Planted some seeds

And perched in a tree, because that's what owls do best.

I made the mistake of leaving him unattended in the kitchen, this was the result...

So I sobered him up and introduced him to my gang of coveted plushies (he fits right in!)
Ragdoll by Kate Pride
Dinosaur by Chocolate Popsicle

Thank you so much Curious Little Bird, he is absolutely perfect! 

Make sure to swing by her shop to see even more amazing monsters and she is holding another give away on  her Facebook right now! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!



  1. This is the funniest blog post I've read including one of my monsters! Thanks!! I'm so glad you love him, and shame on Chaucer for stealing milk from Chocolate Jesus. By the way, that's a really funny name for a lamb. :)

  2. Hehe well thank you, madam! I have a couple more pictures of him I can send you if you'd like, including him aiming a gun and chillin' with some lawn gnomes.

    I absolutely love him, he is now among my most prized possessions :)

  3. awesome sauce!
    and yes, i figured out how to comment! i'm 'mart