Monster Mash!

Well hello there!
I feel like my I spent my entire summer knee deep in coffee beans and plush toys (and so Autumn isn't much different). 
With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to show off some of my latest, creepy creations. 
Back my popular demand, the zombie narwhal! 

Scrambles (I can assure you, his bark is worse than his bite)

One seriously angry piece of candy corn
This was a really fun custom order, the zombie breakfast bunch! 

The sweetest ghost in all the land

I'm also a part of the Etsy Success Holiday Bootcamp and the best part is my bootcamp buddy, Analia, owner of Chocolate-Popsicle. She makes super cute and colorful amigurumi items <3
Super cute amigurumi pumpkin set, available here here

That's all for now, happy Halloween! 

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