It's funny how the week I have off from work just so happens to be the week my body randomly decides to be sick...Luckily for me, spending loads of time in bed with nothing to do often leads to me making some cool stuff. Hooray!
So I made the Octo-Giraffe! 

Though is isn't very large, he was one of my most time consuming projects. If the tentacles didn't take long enough, all of his little spots are hand sewn on (just buying a giraffe print fabric seemed like cheating). this is my second attempt, the first one was pink and I never even made it to the tentacles because he turned out looking way too much like a dinosaur. 

Then I decided to make another cupcake plushie, since last time I made one he was only in my shop for a day before selling and I figured it was time for another one :D 

Besides that it's been pretty uneventful around here. The weather has been amazing, super warm and sunny, so my little dog is quite happy about having some green grass to frolic in (and pee on). 

Now I'm off to work on a zombie kitty! ^.^

Until next time,


  1. Awesomeness. He looks pretty happy on your head.

  2. your plushies rule. Likin' the zombie kitty idea.
    Think you will use wee wonderfuls kitty?

  3. Awww that is adorable!
    Though I don't use patterns, I might have to use it for future reference (it's too cute not too!)
    thanks :D