New stuff!

Been working my butt of the past couple of days!
A whole bunch of my little guys are now for sale at my friend's store, so I'm quite excited to be selling my stuff in different places now :D

I also managed to squeeze in a few more little projects, I should have them up in my Etsy store sometime tomorrow.

Holly Jolly Santa Booger Ornament (Randolf the Red Nosed Booger soon to come!)

He know's when you are sneezing, he knows when you are sick. He knows it when you pick and eat so DON'T for goodness sake!

Jellyfish Ornament

I've decided that he's too cute for a description ^.^

Sad Popsicle Ornament

Whoever it was that carelessly took a bite out of him didn't realize that even delicious frozen treats have feelings too.


Sylvies mother is a monster, her father a Cryptozoologist from Tennessee. He was on a mission to be the first person to prove monsters existence and thus, Sylvie was born.
Though she is much different from the other children, she doesn't mind. She chose to attend a public school for humans, but enjoys taking intramurals with monsters (there's just something about playing Ultimate Frisbee with a 10 foot chicken that you can't beat).
She hopes to someday rid the world of monster and human segregation, so both species can live in harmony.

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