Holy poop!!

It's been quite a very long time now, hasn't it my friends?
Things have been a hectic mess of insanity!
First my camera and I had an unfortunate incident that involved gravity and my floor... so I wasn't able to take pictures for a while.
Then, when I finally got a new camera, my laptop broke! >.<
But luckily enough, I got a fancy, brand-spankin'-new one for an early Christmas present (thanks mom and dad!).
BUT THEN my significant other an I decided to move back to the East Coast (finding work in Colorao is no easy task, and it's really expensive there), but we have gone two whole weeks without any shenanigans, and I am pleased!
Getting settle, working on dolls again.
I'm up to my neck in custom orders right now! One of them is for a 40" tall monster plushie for a friend of mine to use in one of his movies, I'm very excited!
Trying to get them all out of the way this week so I can get back to focusing on my Etsy store, in time for Christmas. I was very sad that I didn't get anything done for Halloween.

Also, after a bit of a hiatus, I'm starting to needle felt again. I made an Octopus last week that I am quite proud of.

His tentacles are beaded :D

sorry about the picture quality, I wasn't using the best lighting...

I know I always claim that I'll start writing more, and then don't, but.... ummmm.... I'll start writing more often, I promise? :D hehe

anyways, until next time,

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