I'm feeling rather sleepy and sluggish today... also a bit coughy and icky (oh nose! It's the swine flu!) so I'm taking the day off from sewing and relaxing in a big comfy chair, with my computer and little snuggly dog, doing absolutely nothing productive.
Ahhh... the good life.
Now all I need is someone to bring be a big ol' cup of soy hot chocolate, and I'll be in paradise.

Anyways, that's all for now. I shall post again soon (if I survive this icky-poopy-sickness!)

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


  1. Cute!!
    I hope you're feeling better soon! :D

  2. Hope you get better! I'm doing my darnedest to fight off anything and everything that could make my last semester of undergraduate school a nightmare. (Not that it isn't already.)