First entry!

I finally caved in and made myself a blog. Maybe somewhere along the way it will help me out with promoting my work and what not.

I got a call today from another local artist asking me if I'd be interested in selling my plushies at the Mile High Music Festival this weekend, I'm quite excited since I really want to go, but am too broke to buy tickets (which seems to happen all too often..) Also I haven't worked a booth in a long time and I'd love to get back into art shows.
Hopefully I'll be able to make some sales and get some better exposure in the area. Who knows!
Too bad I don't have any business cards (or a printer to make myself some ghetto ones)
oh well, I'll brink a sharpie and write my site on everyones forehead backwards so they see it every time they look in the mirror. Boo-yah!

Just finnished making this guy this morning.
The Pandaphant! No longer will you have to choose between elephants and pandas!

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